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Our Expertise

Creative and contemporary meets
practical "everyday". At PB&J Consulting, we work with you from concept and strategy to final implementation.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, an established business owner, or a representative from an international corporation, we like to sit down with you and ask what you need.  

No matter the strategy or solution, we'll work with you and your in-house team--or bring in some of our collaborative partners--to ensure that you can afford and receive the best-in-class.

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Every plan requires a good foundation: who you are, what you do, for whom and why. Your business can and will change with time, but the fundamentals should always be well-defined.

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Just like that spread of peanut butter in our favorite sandwich, your business case is always better with the right marketing plan. Whether its engaging your markets, inciting new conversations, or revising your brand, every bite should have the same great taste.

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Video, podcasts, images, infographics, ebooks, and all that other stuff: with so many platforms and channels to meet your customers and share your ideas, it's hard to know what kind of content or strategy you need. At PB&J Consulting we ask, "What do I do that I can share naturally?"

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Social Media

The most effective social media capture a simple moment or experience, one that shows off all your strategies and has the perfect balance of ingredients: "post" and be authentic, "borrow" with attribution, and "join" in conversations that matter. And the best part is, they're only 100 calories (so there's no guilt in making more).