We’re All Wired Differently!

And that's why we don't buy the same things! Please help me explain to entrepreneurs that just because you think your product or services are the greatest doesn't translate into lots and lots of sales .

Take for example entrepreneur A: she has sold over 2000 products in 5 years. She emails them all with a 10 percent  discount offer and gets one or two responses.. A is very disappointed and states that she will never use email again . Well, how many of the 5000 still have the same email address? Is the product a one-time buy? Will they come back again? What would be their need?

Perhaps they just are no longer interested . Or maybe have passed or are in a nursing home? Or on a happier side are now married and just too busy to read your email or no longer have the original item and use something else?

The list goes on. But you have to help your client A understand that people are wired differently and have different needs at different times . And even the discount won't get them to buy if there isn't a need.

So what do you do? Well, fortunately we are all wired differently otherwise it would be a boring world . Can you imagine going into a restaurant where only one item is served?

So maybe you need to get behind the psychology of who your real customer is? And why do you only have one item . Imagine you are going before the sharks on Shark Tank. They’d ask who your customers are, why do they buy, what's your marketing plan, why are you limiting yourself?

They’d turn you away with a comment like “you don't have a company, you have a product . Your sales are miserable. What are you going to do to reach out to your customers?”

Your argument: I used email, Facebook, website and videos. I tried a newsletter but got fewer returns.

Anyone can have a poor email return even with the greatest list . But most often the analytics about buying habits is poor or missing. What you did two years ago is no longer what you do today. Don't avoid social media . Embrace it . If you’re not good at it, hire someone to create a constant stream of information. Integrate your communications and most of all, expand your customer base .

For more information on how you can use the unique wiring of your potential customer’s mind, be prepared to invest in trying out different tactics in multiple ways and analyzing the results .

Or you can call us to help you out . We aren't the sharks but we are going to make you rethink your business and help you do it .