Susan R. Goldberg

“It was such a blast working with Jarod. His indepth knowledge and incredible ease with language and technology were indispensable for our business. We weren’t sure what we wanted or needed but he developed our social media and marketing plan, improved our Facebook site, defined all the content we could share, and showed us how to take advantage of the 40+ years of  patient thank you’s, doctor recommendations and incredible tales from people we’ve treated.”

Susan R. Goldberg MA, OTR, CHT, owner and founder,  Hand Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Group LLP

Susie and Ed were great clients to have: they teach, they train, and they’re active in their community.  What they needed was a single online channel that would make it easier for doctors and patients to find them; one where they could share their insight and understanding of how we heal with the individuals who sought dedicated and highly personal treatment. As we often say to our clients, “You are the reason your customers return.”