Christine Liu

"It’s wonderful working with Barb and Jarod. Being Chinese, I travel between the U.S. and Shanghai frequently and count on them to represent me in the U.S. They’ve helped create the presentations and content for a number of projects including the English version of our new site which will be available some time next year. Barbara also visited Shanghai for the International Women’s Conference where she spoke before an audience of over 350 change management experts and spent four days coaching Chinese women. The depth of knowledge and the willingness of PB&J Consulting to handle challenges in multiple languages, advise marketers and create content is astounding. Whenever I need to find an expert in the U.S., they connect me to the leaders in that industry."

Christine Liu, founder and chairwoman,

We met Christine through a mutual colleague who said, “You two would make a great team.” After many emails and Skype calls, we decided that Barb would attend the conference to coach the Chinese millennials on how to balance their professional careers with their personal lives in an evolving society. Barb received an award for her lifetime commitment to empowering women as entrepreneurs and career professionals.  We continue support Christine as she works on developing international partnerships women and the companies that can offer them the best career opportunities.