David Geiger

“It's my first book and I thought writing it would be the hard part. Turns out I had a whole new industry to learn. So when I asked my wife, ‘How am I going to make this work?’ She said, ‘Talk to Barb, Pete and Jarod.' We’ve come quite a long way since then: I now have a cover, a book printer, the right trim size and price, a plan for distributing the book to my markets including libraries and universities and numerous experts and for reading discussions on my book. I thought I knew what was best, but they researched, revised and helped me to find the purpose of my story. And Pete even copy-and line-edited my book in under a week and took my professional photos! Complete service from a professional and understanding group.”

David E. Geiger, MEE, PE. Author, In the Matter of Edwin Potter

David came to us with a straightforward request: to make his book resonate with the people who care about issues related mental illness and criminal justice reform. But first, he said, “I have to tell you a little more about my life and how I came to write this story.” What followed was an earnest and at times difficult conversation about the journey a person takes to find meaning and purpose and the value we place on a life. As a first time author, we helped David to find his particular style, which often follows a more journal-like matter of fact perspective. Then we helped him define who his markets were and why they would engage with him and his work. We also researched and guided him through the process of publishing a high-quality print and ebook, in order to ensure that the final product would be  worthy of interest and purchase.