David Berliner

“When you're just about fed up with agencies and consultants, it's great to find and work with people who can actually listen and help you to learn - folks like Barb, Pete, and Jarod at PB&J Consulting.  They're always coming up with new ideas to consider and pursue, and their knowledge and wherewithal on how to turn challenges into successful transitions is invaluable.  In less than a year, we moved the site to a new web design and hosting service, updated my online and print sales marketing, and brought a 40+ year-old brand into the world of shared content and customer stories. It's a fast-paced, ever-changing world of technology and social marketing, which makes PB&J particularly valuable.”

David Berliner, CEO and President, HUMISTAT Corp

When we first sat down with David, his site was burdened with a web development and hosting company that treated its customers solely as a revenue mill.  We found a web agency that would listen to him and suggest and implement changes in a timely fashion, and we offered go-to-market strategies (including label redesign, educational and user case stories, sales training and promotions) that would engage his new and established customer base in the company’s unique history as a product developer dedicated to preserving music and celebrating those who create it.  David had all the right elements , but needed the guidance and energy that PB&J Consulting provides.